2011 WAS GREAT !!! This is the first year I put a show together for the town to see. I was a little nervous it would be too much. I think there are 4 house in Metuchen that do a small yard haunt and do mean small. But the turn out was way more then expected and I couldn't be happier. Pandemic Cemetery was open on Oct 30th and the 31st from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The first night there were about 50 or so people who came out to see the Haunt and on Halloween night there was around 250 people! That's not to bad for only my second year outside.

So the new "show" area was housed inside a car port. I built plywood wall panels and made it look like an old run down garage. The Gas Chamber, Autopsy Table, Fat Guy Puker, The 4 Trash Can Traumas and a new prop I build for this year The Electro Bed were all up and running. Of course the Cemetery was out, but I set it up a little different and I brought out the guillotine for the first time.  Also I put in a small pet cemetery on the left side of the yard, but because of a weird October snow storm, I was un-able to make it as good as should have been. But even though not all my plans came to be, it was by far the best Pandemic Cemetery has ever been.

 You can see it all come together in the Pictures and Videos below.

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