2008 was definitely our biggest Halloween haunt to date. What a great year, the two shows went on without any problems and was loved by everyone who came to see what Dr. Death was experimenting on this year. (Dr. Death is my alter ego)The one show is a torture chamber scene and the 2nd show is a witch scene that brings back the dead. The new animated prop this year was the witch, she is fully animatronic now. She stands up from about 4 ft, to a towering 8 ft tall. She stirs her cauldron as she says her spells, then a severed head pops up from inside. It's really a site to see. Also did a couple upgrades to the Gas Chamber animated prop. Moves a lot faster now with bigger valves installed. Again, I wish I took more pictures and video. So busy putting everything together I forget. I will remember for future years.

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