Halloween 2012 will be one to remember. Not only because of the haunt but because of hurricane Sandy that ripped through the east coast destroying everything in her path. After two months of building and having the haunt almost done, I was forced to take down most of the Cemetery and strap down the car port and everything inside which was Dr. Deaths workshop.  Luckily the damage was only minor and we lost power for 5 days.  Which is nothing to cry about compared to what happened to other people. Halloween was cancelled in my town but that did not stop me.  Four days after Halloween, we were up and running ready for people to see what Dr. Death had in-store. 
The new improvements for the show area were a scissor hinge prop that extends 8 feet, and the witch that I had in storage for the last 3 years. The witch rises up from 4 feet to 8 feet tall and stirs a cauldron with a severed head that pops out.  Out in the cemetery there was the new zombie ground breaker, 2 bar lift mechanism with a winged gargoyle attached to it and the new Dr. Death tombstone. After it was all said and done we ran for 2 days and had around 150 to 200 people come through. Not to bad for not being Halloween.

 You can see it all in the Pictures and Video below.

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