Finally a Halloween with no major storms!! Two years ago we had a foot of snow, last year we had Hurricane Sandy. We needed a year with just Halloween on the forecast, and this was the year. There were a couple passing showers from time to time but all and all was a great 2 nights to run the haunt.
This year we added a couple new things as we always do. Inside Dr. Deaths workshop, the biggest add was the 2 new Hanging Thrashers. They worked great and the movement was so life like that people swore there where real people in the bodybags. We also changed up the scissor mech so it can sit in a wheelchair in the middle of the floor and not be attached to the wall. The scissor mech is always a crowd favorite and gets the most scares. We also spread out the Trashcan Traumas to surround the people instead of just hitting them from in front.
In the cemetery we added 5 new Tombstones and better detailed the older stones.
The first night, Oct 30th we had about 100 people come by and on Halloween night we had well over 300 people! Our biggest year yet! Can't wait till next year. Let the planing begin.

 You can see it all in the Pictures and Video below.

Click on any picture to enlarge.
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