The Ghostly Projection is of a ghost that has yet to move to the other side. She is trapped here in this world to forever pace back and forth, waiting for the time that she can move on.

The Ghostly Projection is great for projecting on the back of a white sheet in front of a window or projected on a plain wall. The ghost appears either every 15 seconds or every 5 seconds (depending on which one you use) and randomly walks back and forth, appears and disappears out of thin air and motions to anyone that can see her.
Pandemic Ghostly Projection Download
includes both versions.
(Download link e-mailed within 12 hours after purchase)
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Tech Specs:
Run time: (Appears every 15 sec) 4mins 15sec
               (Appears every  5 sec) 3mins
Ability to loop: Yes
SD or HD: FULL 1080p HD
File Format: MPEG4
Sound: No