Best Walk-Thru Home Haunt 2016
(1 to 12 years of Home Haunting and has to be a Walk-Thru Haunt)
(Definition of walk-thru haunt below)

Best Display Home Haunt 2016
(1 to 12 years of Home Haunting and is a Display only )
(Definition of display haunt below)

Best Veteran Home Haunt for 2016
 (13 years or more of Home Haunting and Past Years Best Home Haunt Winners)

Best Rookie Home Haunt for 2016
 (2 years or less of Home Haunting)

Best Static Prop

Best Animated Prop
(Motor or Pneumatic)

Best Scare Footage

Best Video Production

Welcome to the 2016 DEAD with Dave Home Haunters Awards.
Please read the information below for the categories, how to enter and the rules.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail us at


Your videos must be uploaded to YouTube. Its the easiest way for us to organize and judge them.
(If you need to send your videos to us in another way or format
please contact us to see what we can do.)

You can enter video or picture sideshows.

The videos of you're Haunt and/or Props must be from 2016.

All videos must be under 8 mins long.
(Longer videos must be approved to enter)

Only one entry per Prop Category.
( So pick your best prop and send that one. )

If you are entering a PROP category, you must either have a separate video for the
prop you are entering, or state the exact time the prop you want to enter will be on screen. Please
 give us the name of the prop also. 

Rookie Home Haunters will automatically be entered into Best Home Haunt.

If you Have been Haunting for 13 years or more, you must enter Best Veteran Home Haunt
and are not eligible for Best Home Haunt.

The contest opens on November 1st, 2016 and closes December 31, 2016.
 All entries must be in by December 31,2016.

All entries will be listed on in the order they are received.

The judging will start on January 1, 2017.

The results show will be out by May 1,2016. (Probably not but we can hope.)

All entries will be seen by ALL the judges on our panel.

Past Year "Best Home Haunt Winners" are moved to the Best Veteran Home Haunt category,
 regardless of how many years they are haunting.

How to enter:
Just read the rules below and
then fill out the entry form.

Click here to enter The DwD Home Haunters Awards
Please read the definitions of a Walk-Thru Haunt and A Display Haunt below. I'm sorry if this is a very complicated explanation of the two different styles. But I felt I needed to be as specific as possible. If you have read the definitions below and are still unsure of what kind of haunt you have, please e-mail us and we will tell you what we think is the best category for you to enter.

Our definition of a Walk-Thru Haunt is:
If your guest walk thru your haunt, its a Walk-Thru.

Our definition of a Display Haunt is:
If your guest only look at your haunt and don't walk thru it, its a display haunt.

Hope that's not to complicated. :)


As a special thanks, I am offering everyone that enters the DwD Home Haunters Awards a special introductory rate for a Pandemic Membership.
Once your entry has been approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. In that confirmation will be a link to save $5.00 on a Pandemic Membership.


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